Why every click matters

In an environment where media budgets have been gradually shifting to digital content (in all its myriad of forms), it’s important we’re able to offer truly actionable solutions to our clients that measure the effectiveness of their online advertising.

Any actionable solution worth its salt needs to recognise the unique characteristics underpinning digital content – it needs to be live to enable message and channel optimisation, accurate enough to identify who’s been exposed to your activity, impactful enough to allow us to identify the specific contribution of digital on the brand, and agile enough that you can effectively monitor the performance of your digital ad and adjust your creative and media buy accordingly.

Through development work with technical partners, we’re now able to offer our clients a quick, cost-effective digital tracking solution which incorporates pixel tracking technology to best identify respondents who have been exposed to a particular ad. Combined with a tailored, bespoke questionnaire, we believe it has the power to add real value to our client’s media optimisation suite of tools.

If you want to hear more about it, get in touch or watch this space for more info.