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We’re always excited to work with new brands, forming new alliances where we can demonstrate our expertise. We’re even more excited to see these relationships flourish, working as trusted partners to help grow our clients' brands.

  • The most impressive thing about Relish is that they truly deliver on the insight they generate and don’t stop at “that’ll do”. Where many agencies might just report back, they create compelling, actionable, developed insights that don’t just recommend next steps, but actually build on how and where to take them. They’re an engaged and interested team that is always excellent company, both in terms of their intelligent contribution to strategic debate and in helping to while away the long hours in research facilities! I thoroughly enjoy working with them.
    Rich Marson - Managing Director (Strategy)Rich Marson - Managing Director (Strategy)The Home Agency
  • I discovered Relish through word of mouth recommendation and was instantly a fan. They are sparky, challenging and intelligent. The team has a great mix of skills, creativity and curiosity with a very can-do attitude. Their deliverables are data rich, but also very easy to digest both for insight teams and wider audiences. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Relish for their input on new challenges, and consider them a partner I can rely on.
    Guy Grimsley - EMEA Insight ControllerGuy Grimsley - EMEA Insight ControllerMcCormick
  • Relish are a pleasure to work with, smart people who are real masters of their craft so you know you’ll get the answers you need swiftly and deftly.
    Nick Meagher - Head of Brand InsightNick Meagher - Head of Brand InsightTesco
  • I have worked with Relish for around 10 years across my different roles and would highly recommend Relish. The team are approachable, friendly and above all bring a high quality of work to every project, query or recommendation - large or small. Relish are an excellent research partner and their ethos comes through with the whole team. Refreshing in the current climate of change and uncertainty is their collaborative way of working, meaning they bring their knowledge and expertise to you in a flexible and agile way - personalising the approach to you.
    Nick Eves - Head of strategic customer insightNick Eves - Head of strategic customer insightSouthern Water
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