Relish, thanks y’all

The opportunity to intern at Relish this summer was an immense blessing that has taught me lots about research and consulting, English culture and myself.

Coming to Relish was an easy decision. I travelled from Texas just to work with this phenomenal group and I was not disappointed. The company values curiosity, innovation, making an impact, and, the cherry on top, it’s in an industry I wanted to learn more about. From the get-go, I was given responsibilities and the opportunity to explore new ideas and places. I learned how to interview and probe, was introduced to and tested out an AI program, was included in brainstorms and so much more.

The most fun part of this experience has been learning about and navigating the differences between Londoners and Texans. While I still haven’t quite trained myself to spell color with a ‘u’ or organization with an ‘s’, I have come to better understand some English quirks. I have become used to the less direct way the English communicate and have even learned to speak at an appropriate volume (I’ve been told Americans tend to be loud). Tea breaks are another English perk I have come to appreciate and will miss.

Something I believe is uniquely ‘Relish’ is the way the employees care deeply for each other. There is an emphasis on creating a genuine, close-knit community through Relish lunches and daily team quizzes. This has all served to reinforce my desire to conduct research at my university and get my master’s degree.

Working at the Relish London office has also led to a desire to work internationally on a long-term basis. When you work in another country, you are introduced to different ways of thinking and people who challenge you to be more than you thought you could be. Relish has certainly delivered on this – I’ve been challenged and taught many lessons I hope to take back to America and into my professional career.

Thank you Relish.