Christmas has us feeling all Santa-mental

Now it’s December it’s acceptable to talk about Christmas…right?

I’m one of those people who can listen to Christmas music at any point in the year, so when it comes to the Christmas ads, I’m like a kid at, well, Christmas.

Having worked in research for several years my Christmas ad goggles have changed. It pains me but I can’t just watch ads and enjoy them anymore. I can’t help but think about the branding, the way the products are shown, the tone, how memorable it is, but most importantly I have to feel that warm fuzzy feeling.

After seeing many of the Christmas ads this year, I thought I would share my thoughts on a few my favourites…

Circling the Argos catalogue in the run-up to Christmas is a distant memory and I feared this would be a tradition lost in today’s technological revolution. Argos being an old-school champ has helped to ensure this ritual isn’t lost. They’ve connected to millennials using nostalgia, and I feel they have used a clever trick to engage with an audience who typically look to shop online. By evoking memories it stands out more and shows that the catalogue can live on. There’s also some great product placement without screaming “THIS IS WHAT WE SELL” too much (excluding the drum).
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This is one of the later ads that I have seen this year. However, we all know that in the end the tortoise finished ahead of the hare. To be able to capture the essence of Christmas and togetherness and align it to the brand in a truly authentic way is impressive, given some of the more tenuous links out there. ‘Reconnect this Christmas’ fits perfectly with Sky’s communication offer, whilst showcasing some of their film offer during the ad. I absolutely love this advert and feel like it genuinely does a good job to advertise the Sky brand as well as celebrate Christmas.
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John Lewis
I don’t think I could legitimately do a write up of the Christmas ads without including John Lewis. And Edgar caught my attention. But that’s about it. Although I love a John Lewis ad, I feel like they tend to go with something that they can create a product for or that will sell for £££ rather than an ad that showcases their broad offer for everyone. Although this may drive customers into store short term, I wonder if they could do something that is centred on their wide range of products and the value. Therefore, I feel it’s memorable but lacks any consistent brand cues.
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Amazon somehow manages to make cardboard boxes fun (which is difficult, unless you’re talking to a bunch of cats). This ad isn’t one of my absolute favourites but it does make me smile and as soon as you see those boxes with the smiley faces, you know exactly who it’s for. Which is pretty impressive since it’s just a load of cardboard boxes. I also enjoy the variety of people shown in the ad as it feels authentic, real and one big celebration. Exactly what Christmas should be.
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As someone OBSESSED with The Greatest Showman, this advert instantly captured my attention. Aldi continuing to base their ads on a carrot is something I’m enjoying, just for the absolute bizarreness of it all if nothing else. He’s certainly become an asset to the brand, however, the cynic in me asks what has he really got to do with Aldi? They showcase some fantastic looking food in the ad, however, the only things that are truly Aldi are Kevin, and a small logo on the final scene…is that enough? I’ve seen some of the scenes from Aldi stores since they’ve released Kevin toys. People are mad…and now these toys are selling online for hundreds of pounds. But at the end of the day I guess that’s what Christmas is all about, shop, shop, shop.
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There are some other great ads out there, but these are a small selection of the ones that caught my eye. Which Christmas ads were on your radar?