The age of immediacy

We live in a world where things happen quickly. This impacts what we want and what we expect (from brands, others and ourselves). We value rewards more, when they are obtained immediately and so instant gratification is more powerful short-term than delayed gratification.

We gain instant feedback from our devices, because we’re constantly plugged in and switched on. Social media gives us the ability to upload videos, photos and status updates ‘in the moment’ and we receive feedback from our social followers straight away.

We are now expecting this instant gratification in other areas and there is a need for speed across many areas of life. For example, we expect to become experts quickly when learning something new and can become disappointed if we do not develop new skills straight away.

As an individual, it is important to allow ourselves time to develop our skills when learning new things and also have patience in others when they are doing something they are less familiar with – nobody is perfect and able to pick up a new skill instantly.

Because of this instant world, clients now want research results quicker than ever. Therefore, as research practitioners, we need to find or create solutions which can deliver to this need. Whilst it is becoming more important to deliver research at speed, it is vital that we do not undermine our core offer and continue to offer solutions which deliver strong and deep insight, that may take a little longer to develop.