Cheltenham – Tips for Research

Cheltenham Festival is synonymous with Horse Racing. It’s the peak of the National Hunt season but, more than that, it’s the most socially charged festival of the season. It has the magic of appealing to both the racing super-fans, as well as  those who like an occasional punt.

Given Relish’s expertise in the betting and sports sectors, we wanted to get close to the emotion of the week and understand where opportunities for both brands and the sport exist.

We handpicked a panel of racing punters – ranging from those attending the festival in person, through to those relying on their mates in the work canteen to help them through.

The result?  Lots of tips…but more importantly, we uncovered an understanding of where brands did & didn’t match the emotion, where the sport fell flat, and the social dynamics brands need to be aware of and play to.

If you’d like to hear more about our work then please do reach out to Dane Mortimer,, and we’ll be happy to share our learnings and help you understand how to get ahead for Cheltenham 2025.

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