More Success With Tesco

Relish has proudly partnered with Tesco and BBH for over 8 years, delivering the insight to develop Christmas campaigns, the much loved Food Love Stories and last year’s Ramadan / Eid campaign.

How do we uncover the insights that guide the development of award-winning campaigns? It all comes down to spending quality time with customers, getting a clear response to creative stimulus, in a space where they feel comfortable to be honest about how they feel.

Communications Clinics, our proven approach to creative evaluation comprise a series of depth interviews rather than using focus groups. We build an overall pattern of responses, with many nuanced suggestions for optimisation through these highly focussed sessions with customers.  Virtual depths also allow us to cover a greater number of audience types across more locations. 

While we’re very keen on face-to-face focus groups for exploratory assignments, we don’t believe they’re the optimum environment for creative evaluation. In a 90-minute focus group, the average participant contributes just 8-10 mins of their opinions.  It’s absolutely vital to avoid group bias when exploring creative ideas. We can observe the instinctive response of individual participants and explore the rationale for this in a way which is simply not possible in a group environment.

The outcome is a far stronger input to the brand and creative team, ensuring the recommendations are firmly rooted in customer insight. We’ll be talking more in the coming months about how we approach creative development at Relish and RED C, so watch this space for more info.

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