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We were all saddened to see the news about King Charles being diagnosed with cancer so early into his reign. It’s been good however, to see him talking about this so publicly, raising awareness of prostate and cancer screening and the benefit of early diagnosis. This is especially important because right now, it’s a tough time for charities, and the cost-of-living crisis has made getting – and keeping – donors more difficult. So, raising awareness and keeping donors engaged is more important than ever.

But what inspires people to give – and what motivates people to go one step further and organise their own fundraiser?

These are precisely the questions Relish have been exploring recently for national charity, Prostate Cancer UK.

Through in-depth cognitive interviews with DIY fundraisers, we’ve talked to people who have done exactly that – we’ve dived deeply into their world, their motivations, and their experiences, to get to the heart of what matters most to fundraisers, and what can encourage them to organise once again.

From self-organised gigs, to gala nights, obstacle courses and 1,000km trails, we’ve asked participants to immerse us in their fundraising journey, from that moment of bated breath and deciding “we’re actually going to do this!” to the high of seeing the event come to fruition, or crossing the finish line, and watching the donations flood in.

And from these diverse journeys, we’ve created a clear roadmap, to inform future plans and to continue growth. In the words of Mark Emery, Head of Customer Insight at Prostate Cancer UK, “the team at Relish has a real ability to uncover the true motivations of our supporters and fundraisers – working collaboratively to go beyond surface-level insight to provide us with invaluable understanding.”

With 1 in 2 of us expected to get cancer in our lifetime, Relish are proud to support any work that helps raise awareness, or aids early diagnosis, screening and treatment. To find out more about the work of Prostate Cancer UK, or check your own risk in just 30 seconds go to:

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