Retail Technology Show Report

Loyalty Takes Centre Stage
The conversations at the recent Retail Technology Show in London provided a refreshing departure from the usual AI-dominated discussions. Instead, the dominant theme was something more fundamental to retail success: loyalty and customer engagement.

Embracing Inclusivity
There has been a notable shift in the industry, moving away from exclusivity and towards a more inclusive approach. Leading brands are recognising the value of embracing diversity and welcoming a broader audience, rather than focusing solely on elite or exclusive segments. This inclusive strategy fosters stronger connections, builds vibrant communities, and drives deeper engagement and loyalty among consumers.

Predictive personalisation
Brands such as Look Fabulous Forever have mastered the art of anticipating their customers’ evolving needs. By proactively personalising offers, recommendations, and content, these companies are able to stay one step ahead of their customers, ensuring a seamless and highly relevant experience. This predictive personalisation strategy has played a significant role in their customer retention and loyalty.

Rewarding and encouraging desired behaviours
Most companies focus solely on rewarding customers for their purchases, but the most successful brands understand the importance of incentivising a wider range of positive behaviours.

The Stonegate Group, for example, rewards customers not only for their spending, but also for referrals, engagement, feedback, and advocacy. This holistic approach to loyalty has contributed to Stonegate’s position as the largest pub company in the UK.

The Retail Technology Show was a refreshing reminder that in an age of rapid technological change, the fundamentals of customer loyalty and engagement remain as important as ever.

By embracing inclusivity, leveraging predictive personalisation, and rewarding a diverse range of behaviours, leading brands are setting the standard for customer-centric loyalty strategies that drive long-term success.

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