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Carli Rossi’s participation in the MRS Equality Summit 2024 underscored the critical need for inclusive research practices. These initiatives can ensure more impactful insights that represent diverse populations, amplifying the voices of marginalized communities.
Kajel Kumar, Qualitative Insight Director at Relish reports on her recent visit to April’s Annual Retail Technology Show
Brands must continuously explore how customers assess CX to ensure they are delivering "best in class" service. Our framework is the compass.
Cheltenham is synonymous with Horse Racing as it's the peak of the National Hunt season but also it's the most socially charged festival of the season.
We share our experience at Boutique's Home Masters Club, a closed private group for marketing and business leaders from within the Home and Garden space.
Founder of Bold Bean Co., Amelia Christie Miller, is on a crusade to make us all ‘obsessed with beans’. Their team has succeeded through authenticity, innovation and resilience, securing investments on Dragon's Den and earning prestigious retailer listings. Their journey offers invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs and established brands alike.
Katie Firth highlights 5 key things you need to know about Gen A, from how they like their media to brand preferences to issues they hold dear.
We have been talking to experts within the industry to get their views on the shifting tides of subscription services, what works, what doesn’t, and where we’re heading in the future.
Recently, Relish partnered with Outform, global retail innovation experts, hosting a panel to discuss the Home Improvement category. Chaired by industry specialist Steve Collinge, the expert panellists took us through some of the key challenges and opportunities.
What motivates people to give and organise their own fundraiser? These are the questions Relish have been exploring for Prostate Cancer UK.
If you’re finding it difficult to book a central London viewing facility, our own Angel Studios in central Hammersmith is open for business.
Tesco's Christmas ad, “Helping you #BecomeMoreChristmas” won Thinkbox and System1's creativity awards, topping the tree as the most engaging seasonal offering. Relish worked with Tesco and BBH in the early stage creative evaluation and optimisation of this brilliant campaign.